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Tachograph Analysis management SERVICES  - why you need THEM

We don't just supply tachograph analysis software, we leave that to others, we provide our clients with a Tachograph Analysis Service.

Digital Tachograph Data Management  and  Driver Monthly Audit services are the correct way to perform tachograph analysis The haulage industry is the only profession where employees consistently break the law, which would not be tolerated in any other industry but employer's attitudes are changing.

The DVSA wants to reduce the cost of compliance and is currently trialling a scheme called 'earned recognition', which aims to focus on non compliant HGV operators.  Under this trial operators who make their records available to be viewed online could gain the title of a 'compliant operator' removing the need for the DVSA to carry out roadside checks of their vehicles. 

The DVSA would only look to stop those operators who were not compliant and in particular those who did not voluntarily submit their records for inspection.

The following six categories of operator have been identified with the ones at the bottom of the list being more likely to be targeted.
  1. Exemplary

  2. Compliant

  3. Compliant with support

  4. Potential rule breakers

  5. Non Compliant

  6. Serious/serially not compliant

Do you think that you would pass the DVSA's test?  Where would you fall in the above list?

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Tachograph Analysis

We use TIS-Web analysis software from VDO, the worlds largest tachograph manufacturer

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Accredited CPC training

7 Days a week.

Drivers hours training. 

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Accident Reconstruction
Independent Accident Investigation & Reconstruction and detailed tachograph speed analysis. 
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Digital tachographs and your smart phone
Operate your digital tachograph from your smartphone. 
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